I know who killed JoanBenét

I already know who killed JoanBenét, the case involves many ramifications, however, I do not have enough time to outline all the elements that make up the case. For now, I will limit myself to listing the most important consequences that emerge from my discovery: -Burke didn't kill her. -I was able to identify the meaning of two of the initials that occupies the acronym with which the ransom note is signed (ramson note) and from said identification, decipher the meaning of it. Overall, I managed to solve the case from this clue. -The acronym mentioned has the initials SBTC and no one so far has managed to propose a serious interpretation for it. My interpretation is consistent with other elements that are within the letter and with the nature of the crime. Therefore, my interpretation is probably correct. -The acronym SBTC can be broken down more simply as follows → S [BT] C where, without a doubt, the initials BT refer to the serial killer BTK. Therefore, S and C, could be interpreted as Santa and Christmas respectively, for example, and then interpreted, put in perspective, as, "Santa BTK of Christmas", with the element K as a missing element but already included in the acronym BT. -I could do the deduction of the meaning of the acronym SBTC in the following way: first, I interpreted, or deduced that this was the meaning of the BT subacronym indicated, then I sought to find more patterns that were consistent with a type of interpretation of this type. Fortunately, I found a video recording that spoke of different famous ransom notes in which a ransom note left in the thirties of the last century stands out, which was also involved in the JoanBenét note, that is, of which is also made reference; Next, I discovered a finding (also already reached by the Boulder Colorado police), according to which, in the Ramseys' house there was a copy of the classic John Douglas book, "Mindhunter", which described the case of a girl who had died in circumstances similar to those in which JoanBenét had perished and where a ramson note was also left that included a courtesy formula that was later referred to in JoanBenét's note. In other words, JoanBenét’s ransom note is, without a doubt, a note that pays tribute to several serial killers. On the other hand, the techniques with which JoanBenét was tortured are similar to the techniques used by the killer BTK. Ultimately, my finding points to a conclusion similar to what other reputable investigators and detectives have reached. -JoanBenét was killed by an adult. -If the Boulder, Colorado police propose and follow my lead, they can find out who killed JoanBenét and solve the case. Now, I have many comments on the case and I have managed to sketch a fairly reliable profile of the people who are involved in the murder of JoanBenét, which I have recorded in a podcast and which I hope to upload on the blog, later, via that podcast, either, through my youtube channel in the worst case, or, otherwise, through a transcript. The people in those profiles are the ones I consider to be the prime suspects in this little girl's tragic outcome and who, therefore, the Colorado police should bring down their entire investigation. Eleutheria. September 7, 2021

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